MLS OnlineFor two days I've been clicking on homes in the Seattle area, at MLS Online. Some drops in price are noted in the advertising of homes. Some homes have been updated to attract buyers.

All in all I have not found a deal that leaves profit for me in the current economic morass. I found a few properties that come with enough land to sub-divide — if I were a builder. That was the focus for many contractors recently, but I suspect they have backed off on this strategy.

There is an active group that deals in foreclosures. An auction occurs on a regular time schedule and the experts make a living with this tactic. Others are neophytes and some are fools. This old man would not venture into that game. Too many hidden traps.

I need a whole-house rewiring to bring my older property up to code. Hardwood floors need refinishing. Walls need repainting. Yard needs a landscape touch-up. I would take on these tasks if it would pay off; but my offhand guess is that there is so much competition, so many houses for sale, so few dollars available to buyers, that to remodel at this time would not provide an advantage as a seller.


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