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HuckabeeMy wife and I both noticed an amazing proliferation of John Edwards signs while driving through Iowa for our many Christmas celebrations. He has far more signs up in yards than Hillary. Obama has more and bigger office decorations than anyone else on the Dem. side. Perhaps this means Edwards is making a run with the general public, but pro-biz Dems like Obama? I could see how that would be true, because my take on Edwards' recent statements is that personal responsibility will end with his administration. We can just count on the government for everything.

On the Rep. side, there are several big nice Romney signs at big nice houses. There are also lots of small Paul signs around the U. of Iowa campus. Huckabee signs are becoming much prevalent, especially in rural areas and on country roads. I can't recall seeing anything for Giuliani or McCain.

Based on yard signs, I'm predicting Edwards and Obama in a close 1-2 finish with Hillary a distant third. Huckabee will squeak by Romney with Paul having a small but vocal third place finish. We'll see how things turn out on Jan 3.


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