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DadIn the checkout at Blockbuster a few days ago, a thirtysomething man with daughters in tow was ahead. There was no ring, and the kid scanned his key-chain barcode card and looked down while saying there was a $24 balance on the account. Dad shuffled around a bit and told the clerk he would come back later, then gathered his daughters and left without the evening's movie.

The girls looked a bit puzzled, but they were still young enough to revere him and didn't question as they skipped gayly ahead. Maybe he would read to them this night. Probably television.

Once you recognize the syndrome, you see them often at family restaurants and theatres on the weekends. They are a secret society — the living dead of the hormone wars. Shepherds of the gene-product ransom extracted from ageing stallions of all species.

Ken Smith remarks:

About single dads.. Last day or so Comcast News had piece about a school teacher in Florida, heavily in debt, behind in child support, harrassed by lawyers and court officials, with two children, and former wife living with a woman.

Stresses were too much for him. He could not think his way out of despair, out of debt, out of his relationships; could not get relief from court system, could not get sympathy from ex-wife, relief from her demands.

He was at a dead end as a single dad. Made adecision — shot two kids, shot wife, shot her roommate, shot himself — all dead.

His problems were resolved by violence. We spend billions in social programs in this country and yet things like this occur.

Stefan Jovanovich explains:

The billions "we" spend on social programs are not spent on the poor or the needy but on the nice, middle-class children who are credentialed helpers. It is leaf-raking in the park for the offspring of the "educated". No wonder most Americans trust the military far more than any other bureaucracy. Even with all the perfumed princes in the D-Ring, it is still the only place where you can get a government job without having spent a fortune on tuition first. The reason Americans are adamant about protecting Social Security and Medicare is that those are the only programs where they actually get to see the money. Everything else "we" spent somehow never quite gets to the supposed beneficiaries. Perhaps that is why the currency has said Trust in G-d. His were the only words that could be taken solely on faith.


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