Michael B Smuck (I kid you not) has gone bust for the second time in his career as a real estate mogul. Twenty years ago the 1986 Tax Reform Act was the alleged culprit; this time Katrina was the very real catalyst. M. Heschmeyer reports : "As of last month, Smuck-affiliated companies had as many as 65 other loans totaling more than $900 million spread across 36 CMBS deals. Most of the loans were taken out since 2000, some as recently as this year. Nearly two-thirds of those were reported to be at least 30 or more days delinquent, according to analysis last month by Roger V. Lehman and Julia Tcherkassova, CMBS strategists for Merrill Lynch. The delinquencies and defaults were expected to spread to the remaining loans.

To put that number in perspective, Fitch Ratings counted only $96.3 million in total delinquent multifamily loans across all CMBS deals in October. MBS Companies delinquent CMBS loans in November were already more than six times that amount, and could go as high as 10 times that amount. Multifamily delinquencies in Texas already account for more than half of all CMBS multifamily delinquencies. That figure could rise to more than 90%."


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