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Alan MillhoneTo be totally safe and protected from exposure you would have to avoid the market altogether. Or like me, not have any rentals and thus I would avoid all bad renters. Trading and real estate gets into our blood and there is a certain thrill or 'rush' in dabbling or being immersed! Also in many of our cases it is all we know. I watch the market, but I am not savvy enough to be a investor.

Janice Dorn adds:

To be totally safe and protected from exposure, one would have to be dead. Even then, one wonders if there is safety and protection from exposure. The most common cause of respiratory illness is breathing. So- do we all stop breathing? Move to a high mountain area to get "better air" and then risk other challenges to our body, mind and spirit?

Life is about risk. Life is risk. We risk from the moment we come into this plane. There is risk in everything. The challenge is not to avoid risk, rather to embrace and manage it. One of my favorite verses:

There once was a very cautious man who never laughed or cried.

He never cared

He never dared

He never dreamed or tried

And then, one day, he passed away and his insurance was denied.

For since he never really lived, they claimed he never died

Jim Sogi marvels at the day's events:

At 9:00am the White Knights ride in, save the situation after the huge  drop late yesterday. That was quite a move. Do they plan this kind of thing on purpose for dramatic effect? Or is just to squeeze the the last few drops of blood out? What a rinse. They obviously knew ahead of time.


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