KudlowLast evening, I had the pleasure of tuning in Kudlow and Company. I was reminded very quickly why this is the best financial news show. Unlike the wags you see on other networks, such as Neil Cavuto, Brenda Buttner and friends on Bulls and Bears, Lou Dobbs and the other talking heads, the producers at Kudlow and Company really give you your money's worth by displaying some of the top people in business, investments, politics and finance. Moreover, they are unfettered and are free to present their thoughts and opinions and it is up to the viewer to decide what is relevant to his own financial future.

Last evening, Bill Seidman was on to discuss the current financial crisis in real estate and its relationship to the S&L crisis and the commercial real estate crisis in the 90s that he presided over. In addition, Fritz Meyer of AIM Investments, Mark Skousen and Gary Shilling were on board for a investment roundtable discussion on the outlook for the economy and the Federal Reserve decision on interest rates. Equal time was given to Robert Reich and the Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore to debate the likelihood of a recession and Reich was his usual argumentative self.

Larry Kudlow is a devout Republican, outspoken supporter of the Republican candidates and staunch conservative but it does not prevent him from offering equal time to the other side of the aisle to present its case and views. It is a tough, hard-hitting one hour and one that a serious investors should attend regularly. It can be seen on CNBC at 7PM est.


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