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ClockThe recent loss of Master checker player Gene Lindsay could be a wake up call to get our affairs in order. Mr. Lindsay left a handwritten will that is now being challenged to some degree in a Tennessee court. Gene loved checkers and has left 50% of his estate to the American Checker Federation, 10% to establish a permanent International Fund, 10% to the WCDF (World Checker Draughts Federation), 10% to the Tennessee Checker Association and 20% to a young lady Gene raised. He never married and had no children.

Gene had 35 or so apartments and other assets and those will be liquidated and then the money pooled and distributed. I had my local attorney draft a pro se paper that the ACF will file to protect our interests. I may have to hire a Tennessee attorney (I live in southern Ohio) and I may have to personally appear in Court to watch over our 50%. Some of Gene's language is being questioned. 

A person can never have things in perfect order, but our best effort needs to be made to reduce later problems for family that is left to defend questions like I described in Gene's will. Just a reminder that all of us are mortal here on Earth and all of our days are numbered. I do my best to try and do some good in some way every day.


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