Case closedToday at 2 PM was my day in Court for the eviction of the ketchup bottle renter. Last night I walked by his unit and noticed the door was unlocked and my penny was missing. (Missing penny? Yes, old trick I learned to see if someone was back or not. I put the penny in a carefully positioned way between the door and gasket and it falls when the door opens and cannot be replaced in the same way.) I had our local police come by and go into the unit with me to inspect the interior. This way the renter cannot say I took anything he had there of value (however, if of value I am sure it came from RTO [Rent to Own], Rent-A-Center, etc. and would not be his). The interior looked like the debris field of the Titanic and a good yard rake would be useful to begin the clean-up process! He took a few things, had a pile of things near the entry door, but I suspect he ran out of time last night and abandoned taking anything else. I took photos of everything and will have our attorney file a civil suit for damages against him. He may not have anything now, but might someday and the judgment will show up, unless he takes BR at some point, a risk one takes. I will have a contractor friend do the estimate (this avoids any conflict of interest in the eyes of the Court). So now I have my unit back… Oh, and he left the door key on a green tote for me to find so the only sad thing I have to report is that the upside down ketchup bottle was gone when I entered the unit.


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