RaptorMy son is still a little sick today and so we decided to play Monopoly. We have two different types of Monopoly games; the regular game with Boardwalk being the most valuable, and another one being the U.S. Air Force Edition, with the F/A 22 Raptor being the most expensive Air Force plane.

To make it a little more real for my son we looked up some famous Boardwalks and the Raptor .

I decided to see if we could play putting the two games together, side by side. The rules haven't been finalized and it was pretty difficult just getting around the board once without some query on how we were going to handle some particular move.

We started with double the regular amount of funds of $1500 to $3000. My 10 year-old son obtained more valuable property and utterly whooped me into financial submission within two hours of play. He ended up with over $20,000, not including the value of his properties, with houses and hotels.

I'm thinking of modernizing it a bit with the values of real boardwalk properties and Air Force machinery and equipment. For instance, if I were to buy one Raptor the cost would be $339 million. But thank goodness for their discount as I continue buying them as it's only $137 million for the next one. I wonder how much some of those famous Boardwalks would cost if one were to purchase just one?


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