DiamondbacksI just read an interview in the Arizona Diamondbacks' magazine, D-backs Insider, given by Doug Flanagan, from the magazine, to Jonah Keri. Keri covers Wall Street for Investor's Business Daily and also contributes to

Here is one of the questions:

"Is there any connections you see between stock trading and the baseball world, i.e. number-crunching?"

Answer: "The style of writing and analysis that I do is quite similar for both gigs. In my stock market job, I'm writing for Investor's Business Daily, which prides itself on contrarian thinking and on letting the facts speak when covering the market. That's my favorite way to approach sports writing, too. Basically, the public is usually wrong. From a sports standpoint, that's what allows casino operators to make billions of dollars. Same from a stock market point of view, in a sense. Even if there's no money at stake, I always find it gratifying to stick to the facts, even if most people might disagree with my hypothesis."


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