Today was a good harvest day in my backyard. I have about 20 pounds of sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I filled two five gallons buckets with tobacco leaves for my year's supply of chew. This is all coming off a poor summer. I harvested maybe five green peppers the whole year, and my canteloupes and cucumbers all came to nothing. This was my first summer in this house, and I have found that every yard has different characteristics for bugs, drainage, etc. that makes the first year difficult.

David Higgs adds:   

True for yard to yard. But potatoes are easy anywhere as long as the soil isn't concrete. And I concur, this summer was the pits — couldn't get okra to grow, the cucumbers were bitter, the tomates got the black spot and my peppers were small. But I will tip my hat to you on your tobacco harvest. Growing that stuff really takes a green tumb! Never would of thought you were a chewer — ever hear of lip cancer?


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