Principles of Applied Statistics

The book "Principles of Applied Statistics" by Fleming and Nellis (ICBP, 2001), is a good book for the beginner, or for someone who has had an introductory undergraduate course in statistics and wants to review the key concepts again.

For a beginner learning statistics on their own with little mathematics background, I would think that it makes sense to first read "Statistics without tears" by Roundtree (Allyn and Bacon, 2003) , followed by Fleming and Nellis, before tackling a text like Vic and Laurel's favorite Snedecors' "Statistical Methods" (Iowa State U. Press, 1989). Fleming and Nellis goes deeper than Roundtree, introducing more of the mathematics behind the concepts, while being still mostly concerned about the practical illustration of the techniques. It also has worked examples using Minitab and Excel. Since many start their statistical analysis in the latter program, this may be of help to some specs just starting out to do statistical tests.

The Fleming and Nellis book is well organised, divided in six parts with each part starting out with a schematic overview of the content and structure of each chapter and how each topic relates to other topics. Every chapter starts by going through what the student should know after having gone through the chapter. The chapter ends with the aforementioned worked examples.

In all, a good introduction to key concepts in statistics.


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