CardanoGerolamo Cardano 1501-1576

From Wikipedia ………"Cardano was notoriously short of money and kept himself solvent by being an accomplished gambler and chess player. His book about games of chance, Liber de ludo aleae, written in the 1560s but published only in 1663 after his death, contains the first systematic treatment of probability, as well as a section on effectivecheating methods.

Cardano invented several mechanical devices including the combination lock, the gimbal consisting of three concentric rings allowing a supported compass or gyroscope to rotate freely, and the Cardan shaft with universal joints, which allows the transmission of rotary motion at various angles and is used in vehicles to this day. He made several contributions to hydrodynamics and held that perpetual motion is impossible, except in celestial bodies. He published two encyclopedias of natural science which contain a wide variety of inventions, facts, and occult superstitions. He also introduced the Cardan grille, a cryptographic tool, in 1550.

Significantly, in the history of deaf education, he was one of the first to state that deaf people could learn without learning how to speak first…….

……He died… …on the day he had (supposedly) astrologically predicted earlier; some suspect he may have committed suicide."


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