PumpkinTonight I watched 100 carefully wrapped pumpkins thrown off a second-story roof by two overzealous pumpkin tossers. My nine year old grandson's pumpkin was one of those tossed. It survived and he got a free book of his choice as a prize. My wife yesterday selected a small and firm pie pumpkin rather than a larger one.  She decided the smaller one would survive the fall (reduction of risk) better than a larger one (more exposure to risk) falling two stories.  Packaging is the key so this morning I visited a UPS store and bought a 10×10x10 box, shipping 'peanuts' and a roll of good strapping tape. The pumpkins falling and some splattering all over the ground remind me of investing and deciding if more or less exposure is the best route to follow. Also, finding ways to insulate your exposure (doing careful research) in stocks make sense. A good time was had by 200 students, parents and grandparents.


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