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Senior GolfersMy daily walk takes alternate routes through the week.  Each route takes me past many property "For Sale" signs.  Most houses up for sale are unoccupied — owners abandoned, flew the coop, gone with the wind.

Now the first of the boomers are retiring, with homes for sale, the only asset they have other than the fat hanging from their bodies, which they can burn off during the time it takes to sell their property.

Boomers will want to engage in the activities they have been dreaming of for the past 50 years. Golf, travel, visiting grandkids in far flung places, moving to a warm place for the winter.

They are in for a surprise.  If they can sell their property, when they sell, they will find prices for their retirement dream will exceed what they obtain.

We have visited retirment villages in the Pacific Northwest.  A small one-bedroom apartment rents for $5,000 a month, including three meals. Parking for a car is extra, small storage if available is extra, phone extra, gotta tip the maid or give an Xmas bonus, etc.

If boomer has a home fully paid-for and can get $500,000, then pays out $6,000 per month as cost of living and travel, then the $500,000 will keep 'em going for only seven years. They'd better plan on euthanasia.

How many boomer homes are fully paid for? Their homes have been ATMs for the past 20 years.


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