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CubsI was in the LA wildfire this weekend, and I can tell you that having been in hurricanes, this held up in comparison. We had a thirty person Cub Scout camping trip to Leo Carrillo State Park campground, five miles north of Malibu. Friday was quiet, but the wind started picking up about midnight Saturday night. By 1 am, gusts were at 60 mph, and I had to wake about half the sleeping campers at other campsites to put out the fires they had left unattended (140 campsites). One guy had embers blowing about 20 feet. Our campsite was at the end of a box canyon, so with the wind at our back we'd never smell the fire coming if these bozos caused one. I kept a few people alive that night. By 3 am, the gust were up to 80 mph. My son and I were lifted and moved just short of two feet in our pup tent — while we were lying down in it trying to sleep. Surprisingly, only one tent shredded in the wind that night. When the wind lifted us, it blew our ground cloth away — out from under us. I guess we weren't in Kansas. We were told to evacuate at 8:30 am and drive to Oxnard. Up to that point, the skies were azure blue all weekend and the weather was incredible. Right now in Pasadena, you would think it's sunset.

Alan Millhone writes:

To earn my First Class in the Boy Scouts I had to "get a message through" in Morse Code, 20 words in a minute. I still have all my Cub and Boy Scout manuals and all my scouting items! Fond memories of a much simpler time in America. I am proud to have been involved in Scouting.  In today's world Scouting should offer a merit badge in the markets — a real challenge for proficiency!


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