MMAP, from Sushil Kedia

October 19, 2007 |

Function MMAP on Bloomberg produces a table very similar looking to what may come up when one visualizes Vic and Laurel's thoughts on constructing a periodic table of stocks. Bloomberg has chosen to call this table by another of Vic and Laurel's terms, Heat Map. Across rows are industry sectors (selected from pulldown menus) and across columns are marketcap sizes. That seems like a small tweak of Vic and Laurel's original thought of transposing the valency and atomic mass from columns to rows and vice versa. Based on a variety of menus of fundamental and technical variables, classification along rows and down columns can be produced with a few clicks. MMAP produces a frequency table along the rows as well as down the columns. Other than plotting frequency of observation within a particular classification, I wonder what else can be achieved using MMAP?


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