Betty Dodson, from Ken Smith

October 5, 2007 |

Don't automatically select as lifetime mate the gal you spent a few hours with in the back seat of your old car. It was probably dark there and you couldn't see the details that are important. Just as females have different hair color, skin color, finger size, you know, different anatomical structures, as some have knock knees — so they have different genitalia.

Female s-x therapist Betty Dodson published a small manual in 1976 on the subject. She obtained a graphic artist to work with her in her therapy sessions. This artist took part in group sessions where females sat in a circle naked, assumed positions that enabled a good view, and the artist drew each female's genitalia. These drawings appear in the little manual on s-xuality which Dodson published. There are 15 drawings.

Every man should have this manual to get an assessment of what type is most interesting to his own senses. Then go out and seek to find.

Dodson's work, detailed in her manual, helps women overcome reticence to look at themselves and helps them find joy in pleasuring themselves. Manual is instructive. Should be read by all men that nature has prepared.


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