CheckersThis past weekend in Richmond, KY, I was playing Checkers with Don Brattin and made a move that enticed him to move out of his king row and put the 'squeeze' on one of my pieces. He thought I would 'close up' the position with another of my singles. Instead I moved a piece from my king row and allowed him to jump two of my pieces. Then I took two of his back and got an early king and got behind his singles and won the game on position. This past weekend I finished second, my top finish for a long period of playing in tournaments. I only lost one game out of 14 played and had two draws with the player who won. He won his other six rounds and I was the only player to draw him two games. I have not been studying much, but feel that reading Daily Spec has greatly organized my mind and thought processes and I find myself in complex checker games looking at positions in a far different way than I have in the past. In Ohio recently at our yearly tourney, World Champion Alex Moiseyev told me that my game has improved and in Kentucky last weekend two players told me the same, so it is not just my imagination. I read every posting on Daily Spec and try to garner positive information that I can use in everyday life, in my business and in competitive checkers. 


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