Riffraff, from Roger Arnold

October 4, 2007 |

TowelsI just got back from my gym, in the Washington D.C. suburbs. It is premium priced to dissuade the riffraff from joining. And the concept worked for a long time. Families could go and not worry about their wives or daughters being propositioned. The facilities were clean and the members always considerate of each other.

Recently the owners signed a contract with the federal government. Now, we have federal government employees at the gym, with their membership dues being paid for by tax dollars.

They have a sense of entitlement and no recognition of the costs associated with running the facility. They take four or five towels when one or two will suffice. And they all do it.

The locker rooms are filthy now and the staff has given up on attempting to get these people to act responsibly.

Their hygiene habits are disgusting. There was a woman in the hotub a few days ago wearing her underwear and was indignant when told she had to leave because it was a code violation.

This evening I was in the dry sauna and looked over at a woman using some kind of puff-pad to exfoliate her entire body. When finished contaminating the area she just walked out.

None of them shower before entering the pool area even though there is a very large sign stating such is required that they can't miss. And the staff don't bother even trying to enforce it.

Needless to say, the paying members are all leaving for other exclusive facilities so they don't have to deal with the riffraff.


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