Too Many Stars, from Ken Smith

October 1, 2007 |

Starry NightI have spent the day looking for knowledge I don't have, useful knowledge. I constantly run across material, facts, history, information that is more or less new knowledge, but it is not useful, not specific to my needs.

Discovery is a wonderful pursuit. Always on the lookout as a way of life can be satisfying, can be disappointing. Today it's disappointing.

No wonder folk turn to Sufism — something beyond what they know is known, what they figure is possible. Looking for the impossible, a fact that's stimulative.
Again, there's lots out there I don't know and I am the first to acknowledge this circumstance. But all that is not useful to me in specific ways, in assistive measures. Encountering all the non-assistive knowledge out there ends in ennui.

Maybe the lone miner, prospecting in isolated hills, looking for the single purest diamond in the known universe, this guy, he's feeling my feeling.

No wonder the sports stadiums are crowded, folks have been overcome with ennui, gave up hope, tired of the journey, the rattlesnakes across the trail, the endless sand, the scorching futility; desert of plenty in a sterile universe.

I'm bored with the stars; too many of them to be of use. Only need one bright star to stand on. Where is that telescope, the one that will locate my star? Where is the spaceship to take me there? I believe I'll find it, spent my life at this task, searching.


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