How to Bargain, from David Lamb

September 30, 2007 |

The November issue of Consumer Reports magazine features "How to Bargain for Almost Anything." The section headings are:

1.      Gauge the seller's need.
2.      Be discreet.
3.      Know what's a fair price.
4.      Be empathetic.
5.      Deal with a decision maker.
6.      Negotiate from a position of power.
7.      Time your shopping.
8.      Find fixable flaws.

The top products or services that buyers were successful in lowering prices were:

1.      Furniture
2.      Medical bills
3.      Home electronic products
4.      Large and small appliances
5.      Floor and demo models
6.      Bank and credit card fees
7.      Jewelry
8.      Cell-phone plans

As Victor wrote in EdSpec, "If the speculator is not able to bargain for the best deal, I would advise that he ask a trusted friend to carry the ball."


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