Deer HuntnigOne of the blessings of a deer camp is the friendships you make. The bond that forms among people who spend time together doing something they love. That bond is especially strong when it's formed in deer camp.

I know golfers bond when they play together, and traders and speculators when they're together. But there's really something special about deer camp. It has to do with the fact that hunting is almost sacred to those who really "get it".
I've had the privilege of making two great friends in the last 6 years or so — Gregg and Justin. They're both at my farm, hunting right now. But due to business commitments, I an unable to go this weekend. So these two are up there right now (they have keys), not just hunting on my farm, but working there too.
You see, these two don't expect something for nothing. They come prepared to add value.
Here's what I mean. I'm everybody's best friend come the fall (deer season) or come spring (turkey season), but in between, there's a lot of work to be done. And most of those who want to come to my farm to hunt in the spring or the fall are nowhere to be seen in the off-season!
Much time, effort and care goes into making my farm a paradise for wildlife. I had a vision of what I wanted to accomplish, and decided it was going to be accomplished. I know that I'm not industrious enough to get done all that I've visualized for my farm. I knew I needed help from others who shared my love of hunting and the outdoors, and my dream of being able to hunt in paradise any time they wanted!
When I met Gregg and Justin, we quickly became fast and great friends. They knew I needed help and they wanted a great place to hunt. So for the last six years, whenever they come to hunt, they don't just hunt and then take a nap in between the morning and afternoon hunt. They work to help me sculpt and manicure Brooksfarms.
Not only do they work during hunting season, they also come down several times a year, during the off season. Hanging tree stands, cutting away branches and trimming shooting lanes when it's 90 degrees with 90% humidity and buggy is hard work. Planting food plots, fixing roofs, repairing equipment, mending fences, mowing food plots… If you ever want to sleep like a baby at night, come to my farm for the weekend and help out! 

There are lots of rewards associated with friendship. Besides the help, I get a place to hunt for them. You see, after six years of hunting on my farm neither of these two had ever shot a deer! They'd whacked their fair share of turkeys — but never a deer. You see, they honor my rules of harvesting bucks. It must be at least 3 1/2 years old and have at least 130 inches of antlers (for archery) or 140 inches of antlers (for firearms).
MissouriImagine that. Coming all the way from Minnesota to hunt in Missouri for six years and never even releasing an arrow. Oh sure, they saw lots of big deer when hunting and working around the place, but they never had one of the bruisers come into range — until tonight!
At 7:15 pm, a nice wallhanger buck walked out from big woods into the small clover patch by the bottoms. Gregg was sitting in the "small clover patch stand." He waited patiently for the deer to turn into position, carefully drew his bow back, and slowly squeezed the release. Thwack! A great broadside shot right thru the boiler room!

The buck bolted and ran toward the corn field and then headed up the fence row between the patch of woods and the corn field, toward the other clover plot. He went about 60 yards, turned to his right, ran into the patch of woods about 15 yards and expired. From the time he was arrowed to the time he expired was 7-10 seconds. A well-placed arrow is an incredibly lethal weapon!
So you can imagine the phone calls I got tonite! Boy oh boy, was it ever exciting hearing this story — and it was rewarding too! Gregg and Justin have put their heart and soul into helping me make Brooksfarms what it is and they deserve the rewards that go along with it!
I'm thrilled for Gregg and his beautiful harvest! I am so glad for all these help these two give me. They really add value to my life! And I'm honored to call them friends.





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