Gmail, from Charles Pennington

September 27, 2007 |

I'm experimenting with Gmail and find a few apparent weaknesses. Oddly, they are mostly in the area of "search":

–Can't sort by size of attachments, or search for only large attachments, or even see size of attachments. (These things would be good for getting rid of the largest attachments in order to cut back on memory usage.)

–Search only displays 20 items at a time, and I don't see any immediate way to change this. Suppose I have 500 items from Aunt Betty that I want to delete. How do I do this? Search for "Aunt Betty" in "from", go through page by page, 25 pages, each time hitting "select all", then "delete".

It's possible that there are ways to do these things and I just haven't found them.

Outside of these issues with search, I find the Google spam filter is a little bit overzealous, filtering out a significant number of non-spam messages. Maybe it will get better with training.


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