David CarradinePhilosophers know all things must pass. It is the key to understanding life and the universe. How long conditions last is also a good question. How long do we live? How long are economic expansions? How long are recessions? How long does a range persist? How long do uptrends last? How long do high volatility events last? How long do low volatility regimes last? It is an answer to the question of changing cycles approached from the endings rather than trying to identify the beginning which is difficult. Survival statistics based on an exponential distribution are helpful but not accurate. Hand counting seems best. Knowing when something is about to end is a very valuable piece of information. Classifying market conditions by their half-life would be a good study in itself as a scientific approach and would surely be a meal for a lifetime. It would be periodic table of the elements of the market.

The current range lasted for three days, a typical length for a range. There are some bears flashing some big size on the offer here at the bottom of the range, but then they back off.





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