People play games for many reasons, but increasing numbers are finding that they are a great way to size up potential partners.

Close observation of how people play tennis can reveal some interesting things about them. Do they try to finish points quickly with riskier winners down the line or are they willing to "grind it out"? Do they hook the lines and call balls out that are clearly in? Sometimes people act differently when playing a game then they do under normal circumstances. Many of the things that Borg and McEnroe did in their real lives, for example, would not have been anticipated by their court demeanors. — BBC News

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Riz Din adds:

I play golf on occassion and love to read people's attitudes from how they play the game. For instance, when players are always looking over their shoulders to the party behind them and are rushing their game or feeling nervous on the tee, this reveals they care greatly about what other people think of them. I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad quality, but it sure doesn't help their play!





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