"The flight animal wants only to reproduce and survive; fear is the tool that allows him to survive. Humankind, however, is a fight animal. Our preoccupation is with the chase, and having dominion over other creatures in order to eat them or use them for our own ends." — This is a quote from the book, The Man Who Listens to Horses.

Wikipedia provides a partial explanation of the function and purpose of the stock market:

"The stock market is one of the most important sources for companies to raise money. This allows businesses to go public, or raise additional capital for expansion. The liquidity that an exchange provides affords investors the ability to quickly and easily sell securities." [Read more]

There's nothing negative or predator-like in this description. It seems to fit Monty Roberts' description of a flight animal that only wants to "reproduce and survive". In my opinion, it seems that many of the variables that make up the markets provide us an outstanding example of a gregarious animal.

For instance, Galton describes how a herd of oxen is always watchful, although each ox must spend time resting and, therefore, inattentive:

But a herd of such animals, when considered as a whole, is always on the alert; at almost every moment some eyes, ears, and noses will command all approaches, and the start or cry of alarm of a single beast is a signal to all his companions.

To live gregariously is to become a fiber in a vast sentient web overspreading many acres; it is to become the possessor of faculties always awake, of eyes that see in all directions, of ears and nostrils that explore a broad belt of air; it is also to become the occupier of every bit of vantage-ground whence the approach of a lurking enemy might be overlooked.

The protective senses of each individual who chooses to live in companionship are multiplied by a large factor, and he thereby receives a maximum of restlessness.

The market provides protection, security, and liquidity to companies by providing a "sentient web" full of businesses. Although one area of the economy (or web) may be in "placid rumination" it can very well be protected from complete annihilation by other members of the web who are not in a stupor.

I have included a link to a very fascinating clip of a herd of water buffalo and a pride of lions. It's long but well worth it because it demonstrates the strength of the herd when they act as one. For a few moments the lions seem to get the upper hand on a young, weak buffalo. They even take it down and start eating it. But the "web" soon comes together and produces an escape for the little one and they chase the pride away.





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