HumbleI had a wonderful conversation the other evening with Rudolph Hauser. What an exceptional man. A true treasure of a person. He was introduced to me through Janice Dorn, a profound friend to whom I would entrust my life.

To date I have had the honor of being able to call Janice Dorn, Stefan Jovanovich, Scott Brooks, Rudolph Hauser, Laurence Glazier, and of course Vic and Laurel, friends.

Stefan is a gentleman above all and a true family man who loves his wife and daughter and who is cut from fine cloth. Scott has a heart of gold, and Laurence is a true British gentleman. I have also corresponded with Jim Sogi, Kevin Depew, Larry Williams, John Bollinger,  Alan Milhone, Pam Van Giessen, Marion Dreyfus and others.

I thank Vic and Laurel for the introductions through Daily Speculations.

Ken Smith extends:

I was just speaking with my spouse about an issue and I expressed concern about being able to solve something. She replied I would work it out because "You are smart."  I told her I am the only person who knows how much I don't know.  She thinks I am disparaging myself, but I speak truth.


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