I'll give you my foreigner's viewpoint on the best place in the USA. It is always interesting to have a fresh and candid opinion from an outsider. This is one of the reasons why companies hire management consultants.

My credentials as a European expert on the USA are: I was married with a girl from Boston MA, then I had a girlfriend from Santa Barbara CA for eight years, then a girlfriend from New Fairfield CT for three years. And I traveled for business to places like Los Angeles, Houston, Cleveland. The only really famous American town I don't know is New York, which is odd because that's the city Europeans usually visit first.

In my expert opinion, the best place in the USA is Jacksonville FL. My friends in Boston say that my friends in Jacksonville are trash and I am not associating with the best America has to offer, but I don't agree. The people I know there are marvelous. They are simple, honest, welcoming people. They are not intellectuals like the Bostonians, but who needs intellectuals to barbecue and have a keg party? The Saint John's River is a great river and a sight to behold. Climate is great. Never too warm, never too cold. Food is of the utmost quality.

Charles Pennington adds:

Good things about Jacksonville:

I love Jacksonville.


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