What newspapers and periodicals are helpful and useful from an investing and speculation perspective? My favorite reads include WSJ, Barrons, Economist, and Investors Business Daily.

Larry Williams replies:

Mother Jones, Foreign Affairs, National Enquirer.

And, never forget what Mark Twain said:

If you don't read newspapers you are uninformed. If you do read newspapers you are misinformed.

 Alan Millhone adds:

On a related topic, I have several newspaper stamps in my stamp collection, some of which will fill the palm of your hand. They were made in 1865 by the National Bank Note Company — there are eight of them and luckily I have all eight in my collection. In 1875 the size was greatly reduced and printing was done by the Continental Bank Note Company, the American Bank Note Company and then later by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. The face value of each stamp runs from a few cents to sixty dollars, but as collectors' items they are obviously much more valuable now.


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