I do miss a former colleague of mine who used to sell panics and buy euphoria. Slim, fast, and seemingly smart, that's how he presented himself. He had a habit of cracking his fingers and did some occasional stretching to keep his arms and shoulders agile, for he is an excellent golfer. On average, he was quite a bother but he had the natural gift of being the perfect last minute trend follower. He was precious to me.

I could tell how the market was behaving by the tormented look in his eyes, almost watering in pain. He would stop shaving for a couple of days perhaps because of the stress incurred in following nighttime financial TV specials. The hairs of his face would tickle my curiosity and his anxiety would motivate me to take the opposite direction of his thoughts and manners. Therefore, in those days I would take special care in preparing myself for the office, even make an argil mask so that my skin would be clean and lean and I would look fresh like a rose.

Mostly though I would watch carefully for all signs of fear in his comments, all e-mails doomstering and calls for brainstorming meetings would be fuel to my contrarian views and cement my opinion that the falling market was a sure buy. I know that market statisticians will tell me that market drift and not my calls were to thank for the meals, yet we do need some reassuring irrational beliefs that can help. For the same reason, I don't feel comfortable if I don't wear the same socks while racing my bike or if the brand of rice crackers I eat before the race is not the same as the one I normally have.

Since I have moved to another company my former colleague cannot help me anymore. I have tried to get the information on how he looks and what he thinks about the market but my efforts were useless. So I must admit I'm a bit lost in all the panic, which is hitting the markets globally and pray to get, if not an analysis, at least a peek at my ex-contrarian indicator colleague.


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