Here we are, early December. That can only mean one thing. That’s right dear readers it is time for Tim’s annual holiday classic. Each year, for some twisted reason know only to myself… well, to be honest, I don’t even know why I do it, I bastardize, plagiarize and just generally rip off some well known beloved holiday yarn, giving it a speculative, capitalist, libertarian and just plain weird spin. I of course insert characters from the spec world and sometimes from the real world to make it entertaining to all, or just because I think its funny. I like to do this early in the month so everyone has time to print it off for their holiday bedtime reading. Surely even Mr. Brooks needs a holiday classic to read this time of year, eschewing those classics his kids love, the ‘NRA Manual’ and ‘Bambi — She’s What’s for Dinner’. The quest for a new story gets harder every year… We have done ‘Yes, Virginia’, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, naturally ‘The Night Before Christmas’, and my all time favorite, last years immortal yet easily forgettable rewrite of ‘the Grinch Who stole Christmas’. This year, I shall tackle the Granddaddy Christmas tale of them all — ‘A Christmas Carol’ — And stand it firmly on its head. So without further ado, all the while begging the chair and da Wizz for posting a non quantitative, non musical and, well I do not know if it is kind of a BBQ’ed edition of the story, I give you A Christmas Carol of a Different sort.[Read the Rest of the Story]


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