Bear GryllsI much enjoy watching Man vs. Wild , aired on the Discovery Channel. The host Bear Grylls (former member of SAS, a career that ended when he broke his back in three places, after rehabilitation became the youngest Brit to climb Mt. Everest and return alive) places himself where tourists might get lost. He then with very little equipment shows the viewer how to survive and find the way back to civilization.

It usually involves staying calm and not wasting energy, finding your directions (construct a simple compass, observe the sun, or follow a river), finding water (look for plants in desert, don't eat snow as it is not energy efficient), and food (he shows how to catch fish, birds etc), protecting yourself against the elements (he shows how to block the sun, keep warm in the snow, etc). Maybe some of you can find parallels of how to survive in the markets?

Some survival techniques from the show below taken from Wikipedia:

  1. Glissading down a glacier using a broken ski pole
  2. Using trousers as a flotation device by tying off the leg holes to trap air
  3. Climbing up a tree to survey the land
  4. Hunting a rabbit with a throwing stick
  5. Soaking his shirt in urine and using it as a headdress to cool down in the desert
  6. Climbing up a knotted rope using Prusik loops
  7. Fashioning a raft from bamboo and palm fronds

Scott Brooks adds:

This is a great show and my kids love it! They DVR every episode and watch them over and over! Bear doesn't just talk the talk, he dives right in and walks the walk, actually eats the bugs, catches fish and eats them raw, purposely breaks the ice and then jumps and shows you how to get out, then takes off his clothes in snow and shows you how to dry off in freezing cold weather, or drinks his own urine to survive.

I'm sorry for being so graphic, but you have to admire someone that actually does whatever it takes survive another day. He really teaches the right message and it's a simple message, yet the most important message that any of us can learn. There is no higher value than life, and life requires an optimistic thinking mind to survive.

I find it ironic that his nickname is "Bear". He is the complete antithesis of market bears. Market bears talk their negative talk, but don't walk the walk. Heck if they did, they'd be completely broke! Market bears talk endlessly about gloom and doom and give advice that leads only to disaster. Whereas Bear Grylls gets in and shows you how to avoid the gloom and doom, but if you happen to find yourself in a gloom and doom situation, he actually gives advice that will get you out!

Market bears give lessons of pessimism. Market bears are constantly screaming the sky is falling so you'd better duck and cover. They are anti-life and their methods lead to sure destruction at any cost, and the cost is very high! 

James Sogi writes: 

Many needless deaths are caused by mistakes in a critical, and sometimes not so critical situation. Many times an everyday situation can become critical as a result of compounded series of small errors that snowball into a death threatening situation. A day at the beach, a ski trip, a hike, a trade in the market can all turn into a survival situation in a short period of time as a result of lack of proper preparation, and mistakes of judgment compounding, and or panic or inappropriate responses. 


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