I've got some friends down in the Miami/Homestead area of Florida that are great fisherman! We met a few years ago on the North American Hunting Club website. The NAHC has a website feature where you can do a "swap hunt". That's where you post a hunt in exchange for another hunt with someone else.

About five years ago, I posted on the site a "bow hunt for whitetail and turkey hunt in exchange for…?" I was open to offers. That's how I met the guys from Florida. We swapped a deep sea fishing trip for a hunt on my farm and had so much fun that we did it again. We no longer swap hunts or fishing trips; we just go hunting and fishing together whenever we can.

These guys are excellent fisherman. They all have regular jobs. One is paramedic, one owns an HVAC business, the other a roofing business, but they only do that on the side. They make their real money fishing. I was stunned when I found out how much these guys make fishing in tournaments. And they win or at least place in the money more often than not.

A few years ago we were out fishing in 10 - 12 foot rollers. I was as green with sea sickness but then we got into a mess of dolphin fish (sometimes called mahi mahi, or dorado's). We proceeded to catch more than 80 dolphin fish in four hours.

On the dock before we set out for the day, we were all talking about deer hunting. The conversation revolved around how each year there is some lucky guy who has never deer hunted in his life who goes out an shots a giant trophy buck. And since he doesn't know what he's got, he saws the antlers off and throws them in his garage until someone who knows deer hunting sees the rack and tells the ignorant hunter just what he has. The conversation revolved around how anyone could be so dumb as to not recognize what they've got after getting so lucky. What does this have to do with fishing (and maybe the markets)?

Eli Zabethan remarks:

I was out fishing Saturday, magnificent clear sunny day but winds were almost gale force and 5'-7' seas were boiling at 6pm. Even the Manaloking and Barnegat bays had 2'-3' waves. Not a place for amateurs when its gets this vicious.

Clive Burlin adds:

Yesterday at about 5pm the bay in front of my Jersey Shore house starting boiling. Hundreds of fish churning the water into chaos with the seagulls going ballistic at the same time. The blues were chasing the bunker. What an incredible sight! An absolute mad feeding frenzy. Within 30 minutes it was all over and the water was dead calm again. I'd never seen this before even though I've lived here for eight years. 


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