…a proposal for streamlining addresses, wire destinations, etc.

The average person probably spends about a year of his life filling out forms with his address, filling out change of address forms, filling out wire instructions, etc., etc.

My proposed system:

Every geographic living space or business location applies for and is assigned a unique number, the "geo-number". The mapping between number and location is kept on a public database.

Every individual or corporation’s address is assigned a unique number, the "res-number". At any point in time, all the res-numbers map onto a unique geo-number. The user's res-number typically stays a constant, but he can change its mapping onto a new geo-number when he moves. Your mailing address would be your res-number and would never change. Instead of filling out 50 change of address postcards when you move, you would just go to the database and change the mapping of your res-number to a new geo-number.

Every bank account, brokerage account, etc., would have a unique "acc-number". Instead of filling out complicated wiring instructions, you'd just request a wire to your acc-number. The database would have a mapping of acc-numbers onto specific wiring instructions. The instructions could change with time (e.g. if Schwab starts using Citibank instead of Bank of NY), but your acc-number would remain a constant.

While I'm at it, I'd also ban pennies, nickels, and quarters, and just keep dimes and perhaps 50-cent pieces.

If I Ruled the World, words by Leslie Bricusse and music by Cyril Ornadel:

If I ruled the world, ev'ry day would be the first day of spring
Every heart would have a new song to sing
And we'd sing of the joy every morning would bring… 


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