(There’re Not Enough Songs About) Squash
By Darren Hanlon

Why do I bother I don’t know
I’ll turn off my radio
Day after day the airways are awash
With songs of folks in love
And those who are out of
There’s just not enough songs about squash

Maybe to you it’s just a game
Somewhere you heard the name
Not for the claustrophobic, a pastime for the posh
Without sounding too peculiar
If it’s the cardiovascular
You’re after then you can’t go past squash

Netball, t-ball, orienteering
Are all worth a second hearing
Football, handball, four-in-a-square
Are all good but they just don’t compare

Oh no it’s raining
We’ll have to cancel tennis training
But look here, never fear, throw down that mackintosh
I know a game under a roof
It’s just four walls and the truth
It’s fun, rain hail or sun, it’s squash

Red dot, green dot, yellow dot ball
Try and bounce it off the wall
Headband, wristband, fuzzy handled racket
Can’t some DJ play a squash song in their bracket





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