I was really surprised to see how much Robert Bacon's book goes for on Amazon now, making my purchase of a copy, way back when, the single best trade I've made in many, many, many years. I'm talking about on paper of course, since I wouldn't dare attempt to book any profits from the trade. I would only sell it after the book price crashes and bottoms, and I desperately need the money just to try and get back to even at Aqueduct, late in December, just before they cancel the remainder of the card due to snow.

Sam Humbert writes: 

As Kevin remarks, it's becoming tough to find copies of Bacon at reasonable prices. I believe it's a case of inelastic supply (it's out of print) meeting expanding demand (~100% driven by our readers). A similar case is an obscure technical book from 1974, published by astm.org that I buy whenever a copy turns up on Amazon, Abe, or eBay.

Generally, engineering books from the 70s would sell for near-zero, but it's a nice keepsake for me. The Dedication is to my father, who worked on the book and died before it was published. So I'm the entire market for that specific title. 


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