There are a couple of more things about Sweden that need to be said:

It did avoid the two world wars (which were great destroyers of human and physical capital for most other developed economies).

From my experiences there, I find that there is a special quality that Swedish people have. They work together as a team tremendously well.

Sweden is now aggressively cutting taxes. It's hard not to be massively bullish on the place!

Andrea Ravano writes:

The first step is to quantify in absolute terms, in lieu of percentage points. That alone gives the investor a rough idea of the magnitude of the tax rate rebate. For instance the nominal GDP in the States is around $13 trillion, while Sweden is running around two percent of the US economy.

Then we might want to add the percentage of savings the Swedes are likely to retain, before dissipating the remaining balance in a well due drinking spree ahead of the sad and depressing Monday. After such a work is completed is too late anyway to invest because the bulls have lifted all available offers and the market seems a bit too expensive even for the most optimistic.


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