Fat March, a reality-TV program currently in production (based, as usual, on a similar UK program) passed through Westport yesterday with no fanfare. The premise is to take several persons of size on a Bataan march from Boston to Washington, record their sufferings, and the survivors win prizes (and lose weight!).

I happened to pass the crew, on my bike headed eastbound, as they walked westbound on Beachside Ave. We crossed near Imus's beach house. As I approached, the soundman waved his arms wildly at me, but I couldn't tell if he meant "naff off, you're ruining a Kodak moment" or "hey, swing by for a photo op." Since I was looking dapper (yellow jersey/ yellow bike) I assumed the latter, and did a quick 360 around the group, calling out "good luck!" to contestant Will Millender, who returned a cheery grin despite his obvious distress — flushed, and sweating profusely, although conditions were ideal, shady and 70 degrees.

Those at points south (Darien, Greenwich, Larchmont, etc.) might expect to see the entourage soon.

Alan Millhone laments:

They will do whatever it takes to drive up TV ratings at overweight people's expense.

Mike Desaulniers remarks:

Speaking of Boston, where the March kicked off — from today's WSJ:

Last year, the Boston area counted at least 1,210 doughnut shops, or one for every 5,143 residents — five times the national average.





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