I am reading the collected short stories of Louis L'Amour and enjoying every minute. It is not well known that L'Amour wrote many adventure stories of faraway lands, not just westerns. One story takes place in the jungles of Borneo. The best so far is The Diamond of Jeru. A legendary bandit has a camp deep in the jungle. Many years before he found a large black diamond. Instead of selling it, he took it down to the village, and showed it to diamond hunters, even tourists, with the promise to take them upriver in his boat and show them the diamond fields where this came from.

His modus operandi: Once he gets them up river, he kidnaps them to his camp, kills them, and keeps their shrunken heads and all their belongings. He and his murderous band have lived on this one diamond for many years. I won't spoil the ending, but one wonders how many bandits are in the world of investing? Are there those holding up one sparkling black diamond, luring tourists with tales of untold wealth up the river to steal their savings and enjoy the sight of another head hanging from the ceiling of their thatched longhouse?





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