Focus, from David Lamb

April 27, 2007 |

 I learned something from my dog yesterday. She is a medium-sized dog that looks like a cross between a coyote and a lioness. When I looked out the window in the early morning I saw her sitting and staring down at the ground. She has long ears and they were opened wide toward the ground. I looked at the ground and there was a newly dug hole, two inches in diameter. A gopher had found my luscious backyard grass. I told myself that she'd better do her job and protect her territory or else I'd find a new dog. Of course, I didn't bother her because it seemed rude to interrupt her reverie.

As the hours passed I looked out the same window and saw her in the same exact position with the same intent look. She was completely focused because she didn't even hear me tip-toe outside for a moment and then retreat back indoors.

By lunch I thought for sure she wouldn't still be there, but she was. This time she was lying half-way down on her stomach, but still entirely focused on the activity that was happening underground.

Later in the afternoon I looked out the window and she wasn't there. I walked outside to find a large dead gopher right by her as she was napping. It was her trophy and no one was taking it away from her. I thought for a moment about calling a taxidermist and placing the gopher by her patio bed, but that may have confused her.

This reminded me of reading in EdSpec that Victor would sit and stare at the screen for 72 hours straight and wait for that perfect wave. Then he would attack and go for the jugular. I thought how much I needed to improve my ability to concentrate and focus.


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