For those who haven't read it, here’s a pdf of Robert L. Bacon’s book, Secrets of Professional Turf Betting. The book provides a banquet for a lifetime.

But first, it must be understood that while it is possible for ANY man or woman to get started with a lonely deuce or sawbuck and run it up to a handsome amount, it is at the same time impossible for EVERY man or woman to make a living at the races.

The careless, the inconsistent, the people who must be "in action" every minute, the stabbers at the moon, the followers of free public selectors, the people who go to the races "just for fun", the players who are ignorant of the principle of winning, the people who do not keep up to date with all the new ideas and trends — all such people must lose. That is true because every cent of the purse money, the jockey fees, the track upkeep and amortization, the trainer's living, the plater owner's living — and the profits of the consistent bet winners — all must come out of the money lost by the careless and uninformed public.


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