Black Friday; The Palindrome

November 28, 2021 |

after a day that went awry from my thinking and some of my followers, perhaps some retrospection. black friday is generally a bullish day with 8 of the last 10 up. bonds were up 200 at 1am with stocks up [Ed: actually down - see below]. that's happened 3 times in last 20 years. 1 of 3 up in stocks.

the european markets were at a low relative to us as of thur close. that's very bearish. the sp went from a 20 day on thur to 20day low on friday. that's never happened before. the big decline on friday the third biggest in last 20 years is very bull for mon. the decline in crude as of 1 am with a big rise of 2 pts in bonds has only happened once every 8 years so not predictive. in general were there any signals? the break of 2700 was the third constructal number in a row without a break. that's very rare and slitely bear.

in retro, there were signs but very rare similar so not overly predictive. the fact that it happened after holiday and it was apparently coordinated sticks out. gold was up before with bonds up 2 pts rite away, with crypto down about 10%. in retro signs but not predictive.

correction - stocks were way down at 1 am with bonds way up, that's bear for stocks but too rare for prediction. the central banks may have wanted to make the camp kindergard progressive and the pres look good — why? nothing stands out as predictive. sp broke a round.

sp broke constructal from above - that's bullish. in short there were too few similarities with enuf bull as bear to make a quant prediction. perhaps the progressive wanted to make the smiling capitalist look good. and the european markets had the thing in advance. that key another correction. the sp on friday went from a 20-day high on thur to a 20-day low on friday. that's never happened before. The robberies of home depot was somewhat telling if not predictive.

that the bird man's favorite store was robbed of hammers telling but not predictive. perhaps that's why p wasn't on duty. telling of thinking of bad country, taking from bad, undeserving people, had red friday instead of black. thanksgiving as day to disparage abundance.

the palindrome must have been happy. he likes a bear raid on vulnerable fridays and he's always bearish, yes for the record i'll answer many readers' query as to why palindrome severed relations with me 20 years ago. i wrote him and asked him and he said he couldnt answer.

4 reasons. i was insufficiently appreciative of his 70th birthday party which was very thoughtful and lavish with ship from cal brought in for after dinner cruise. 2. he knew in advance about vulnerability of the fab nobel trio who were short otm puts, and i was also.

he told me at his house "you're going to go bust but turn over position to me." 3. we disagreed on everything in politics especially government control of capital versus private. and the freedom philosophy. 4 i was poor dancer and was sat next to his Susan at dinner. 5. I am bad chess player and bad tennis player so he found much better than me to recreate wtih him. i gave bak money to his friends but not enuf to keep them happy. we were always opposite on market. he always bear, i always bull. he liked to go for big swings, i had to go for slite swings, since i handled part of his holdings and i had to be fast. i can't think of any more reasons. the aftermath. i met him at tennis tourn shortly thereafter and he wouldnt shake my hand. my family was invited to his home for 12th consec year, and his sec called 1 day before to cancel.

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