RR track robberies are a sign of the times. The Michigan Supreme Court judge Mike Cavanagh, whom i played softball with, once told my hobo sociology class that RR property is a prime investment for hoboes because the police have no jurisdiction. The bridges, tunnels, and rights-of-way along the tracks belong to the companies, so It takes a long time for the RR bull to arrive as tramps thumb their noses at the sheriffs.

Now the homeless are encamped along the track stretch from Los Angeles to the Long Beach international yard. This was one of my first rides, in the caboose days, where I walked out the Long Beach container yard and caught a local bus to the downtown Midnight Mission. With a hundred other men, I was subject to a pelvic UV light examination for gray soldiers (body lice) before they let us eat supper. Hobos carry urinal soap in their pockets to thwart the lice so they may sit and eat in peace.

That's the sort of people who are robbing the containers including oriental shipments and FedEx with their doors ripped and hanging open. I predict more of this in the future as homelessness and general national disgruntlement rise. It's a reason to sell short on containers, and with the price driven down you may live cheaply in one like me.

There is no such thing as a secure container. An outlaw who calls himself the Google thief drove up yesterday sunrise on a 350cc Yamaha dirt bike. He rides with a diamond blade saw to remote containers throughout the Sonora, in an expanding radius, and cuts open a door. He had just led a posse of sheriffs and Border Patrol on a merry chase through the desert before laying down the stolen bike under the skirt of a Palo Verde, covering it with branches, and walking on hardpack to a nearby Ironwood. There he watched the authorities drive 10 yards past him. He told me, "I plunder for fame."

Here’s the link to the shipping container heists by homeless at the Long Beach Port of Los Angeles where Louis L’mour worked in this wild, wild west.


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