back from a trip seeing P. he believes that one of the reasons for consructal numbers is the ease of remembering and the beauty of the least effort in achieving a goal. 4700 very soon and then 5000.

p is the tony hawks of thermodynamics - not by chance the champion of predicting markets. while he is the most cited of all the professors in the engineering department of duke, he is treated like a pariah. not one of his 25 proposals for funding has been approved in last 5 yrs. is it sad to see him suppressed by the climate change boys at his school and the fed science institutes that provide all the funding for the school at the height of his powers, while 99% of universities are virtue signaling in order to regulatory capture. his univ is one of worst. one presumes that he would be anticipating a 100 on crude and a 100k on bitcoin.

a quote from P's forthcoming book "time and beauty" physics of why we are attracted to images that we grasp and understand easily and fast, we tend to remember these as beautiful. a beautiful body is said to be well-proportioned. proportioned are all the preferred objects presumably the round numbers fit in as beauty and fast

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