Ideas That Changed the World, by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, contains the idea of universal force. is there a universal force in the stock market? how does it relate to constructal force?

the idea of the Mana, the universal force - is there a Mana in the stock market that causes it to go up 100,000 fold a century?

the book's idea that there is a purposeful universal force should be augmented to apply to the stock market. the studies of Jim Lorie, and Elroy Dimson et al, show the inevitable rise of the stock markets. how does it apply now?

i see about 30% of all days since the end of 2020 have been all-time highs. rite now we are 14 away from another all-time high and 29 days away from the last one of sep 06. how does it happen? one way now is for all the companies to submerse themselves in the current political system (ie, rumpelstiltskin) and realize the favoritism and emoluments of being with the force. how can the stock market go up 10% a year when profits don't grow that much? being with the force. what do you think?

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