Gangsta rap that glamorizes violence and demeans women is an insidious cancer overtaking our culture. I believe that the dominant thought that you hold in your mind will manifest itself in your life in some form of outward reality.

St. Louis, once a fine city, is now really several distinct microcosms. North St. Louis city and East St. Louis are shells of their former selves. They are the living, breathing personification of statist government policies, which makes me wonder: wouldn't that then make gangsta rap simply a symptom of the more advanced stages of the cancer that statist policies bring about?

On one hand you have the cancer of statism destroying inner city communities, and gansta rap is merely a symptom along the way — like an organ system shutting down in a body riddled with cancer. But in the suburbs the latent cancerous stage of statism manifests itself in the form of the "COPS" genre.

I wonder: Are all societies doomed to slow cancerous degradation? Is it somehow part of human nature that over time, prosperity leads to further and further degradation of morals and our sense of right and wrong?

History is rife with case after case of societies' collapsing because of hubris. Is this really the cancer that effects the soul of man and destroys us slowly and patiently over time, without our even noticing it — the boiling frog?

And if this is the case, how do we profit from this long-term trend? If I can't change the world, I want to profit from it while I'm here and leave my family a legacy of wealth, both in financial terms and more importantly in philosophic terms, so that they have the ability to maintain and grow the wealth legacy that I've begun.

Todd Tracy adds:

 Stevie Wonder had a couple of songs that highlighted some negative aspects of society: Living For The City and Frontline.

The record companies will take the line that the market decides who gets the promotion budget, just as their big brother the films studios do. As far as the suburban kids buying the stuff, I don't think they really get into it. The rappers just do it to make money.

With gangsta rap music, it is hard to tell which is the cause and which is the effect. In all cases it brings to light an awareness of things that need to be changed, and music is always a perfect tool for the job. Sometimes it comes down to who has the hardest-core believable vibe. Stevie was hardcore in his day. The way that he produced his records was badass. 





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