Oh dear, oh dear. Gladwell's book is bad military history and even worse moralizing. The Norden bombsight, etc. were the Army's attempt to do even better than the Navy's Bureau of Ordnance. For more than half of WW 2 the U.S. Navy had torpedoes that not only didn't explode but were a positive danger to our own submarines. See:

USS Tang (SS-306)

The "precision bombing" of the US Army Air Force consisted of having the bombers fly a straight course and a constant speed and altitude over the target. The Germans - being clever people - quickly figured out that they did not have to aim at the bombers; they could simply aim at the airspace that the bombers were going to fly into. The result was that the U.S. Army Air Force bomber crews were the only Allied warriors whose casualty rates matched those of the German's U-boat crews. The odds of survival were 1 out of 10 if you served 2 years or longer.

There are a dozen more howlers from the 30 pages of Gladwell's book before I gave up on it - this Amazon reviewer was strong-minded enough to keep reading all the way to the end.





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