We try to never look at a new generator. This AM we noticed more masks. My brother mentioned they are trying to make covid a deal again to hold onto their corner. The brilliance of X traders is they look at everything as a hustle. "How are we getting it today and for sure we are the last to know."

The covid hustle is a two team teaser on the old meme, "we can not find qualified candidates." That was the 50's race bait turned into an econ pay class war keeping the man down. I turned many a biz owner red faced when they couldn't find qualified help by saying either let the moths out of your wallet or train them yourself. A day trader with a Union BA pops and all athletes we become difficult to convince it was about "they" and not You.

The covid hustle keeps them masked and the dining rooms closed. If you have x sales and you lose zero sales and can reduce labor costs by running the drive thru only, who blames them? Not me I don't like your food anyways. However when it comes to the DMV OMG you sucked at your job before allowing me to do all this online, cool! I hope this lockdown will close your store and keep the Churches open.

Okay I will not go that far as I do not want a new enemy, the brother in law of the law.

I found out that APPL is the most profitable company in the world. Here is how they do it! They win on skill. After all these years, 08 to 21 I have fought the good Android fight. I don't even know why except I despise closed systems. The libertarian in me lost to the artist in me. I bought an APPL 11 phone and a new carrier today. I called uncle to my uncle as he said, He Jimmie if you're so damn smart why are you trying youtube video production when all you need to do is buy an APPL and pay for their cloud. Done deal as uncle is 7 years my senior and actually taught my cousin and brother how to ride dirt bikes at 5-7-11 years old respectively as we went up in racing classes. At 16 he said I am done, turn pro. We did and today we turned on the Apple pro video.





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