I’ve been reading up about Charles E. Sorenson as someone who I missed on his contribution to Ford.  There’s a lot of lessons in/on his life.  One is, the #2 defines the #1 man much more than is commonly assumed.

As you would expect, I discovered him through his boat.

Bud Conrad writes:

Fantastic photography, especially obviously surreptitiously boarding the Helene and the waterways around.

I have often been captured by the faded grandeur of some of Detroit, and this is magnificent. I am also shocked by the abject destruction of many areas and buildings that show an ugly turn for humanity.

I wonder how this happens in America, as I live in ever-changing Silicon Valley; where for example Robert Noyce's house (Inventor of integrated circuits and founder of Intel) with 4 acres, two lakes and vineyard sold for $11.4 million last month. My worry is that Detroit may be the model of future USA. San Fran ain't what it was to the flower children of the 60's. 

Silicon Valley pioneer’s former home expected to sell for $14 million. Take a look





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